Fratria PhotoCheck

Often there is a need to check whether the photo was subjected to any manipulations, editing. Fratria PhotoCheck is our solution that allows you to check digital photographic materials for the fact of editing, and also in some cases to see areas that have undergone changes! During development, we used unique algorithms and developments of the company in the field of working with digital images.

You can evaluate the work of the online version of Fratria PhotoCheck in the “FRASCOPE” section of our website

Fratria DDOS Killer

Our project Fratria DDOS Killer is a solution for monitoring and analyzing system log files and blocking malicious traffic based on the behavior of IP addresses. It features easy installation, high performance, low system requirements and high speed.

Key features:

  • More than 20 criteria by which network activity is analyzed
  • Blocking known bots, crawlers, parsers, SEO analyzers, etc.
  • Dynamic setting of blocking levels depending on the current load on the server
  • Whitelists (for search engines, trusted services, users, etc.)
  • Updated blacklists – the script periodically updates the lists of malicious IPs that provide known resources and quickly blocks any activity from them
  • Ability to block by country, as well as TOR traffic
  • It can work both on the server where the site is located, and on PROXY servers
  • Integration with CloudFlare: CloudFlare API support is implemented, you can upload suspicious IPs or ranges to CloudFlare lists, for which you can set your own rules from showing CAPTCHA to complete blocking.
  • IPv6 support

Corporate website of the company

  • The main activities of the company
  • Key competencies
  • Development approaches
  • Projects and partners.

Website of the network of popular cafes

  • Implemented a multifunctional CRM that allows you to receive and process customer orders
  • Connected online payment for goods and delivery
  • Orders can be placed both from a PC and from a smartphone – the site is optimized for all types of devices

There is a simple interface for the cafe staff, with which you can edit the menu, upload photos of dishes, information about promotions, special offers, etc.

Портал сети многопрофильных клиник

  • Online booking
  • Doctors blogs
  • Service catalog
  • Feedback
  • Patient’s personal account
  • Telemedicine
  • Integration with specialized services
  • Connecting metrics and analytics

As part of this project, the following was developed:

  • informative clinic franchise website
  • corporate portal with access control to information
  • for various categories of employees and partners of the clinic
  • SEO optimization was performed by the best specialists in their field